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Rau ma (Asiatic Pennywort)
Centella asiatica

                                                                                                                                 From the Literature:
       Rau ma is a small creeping herb with shovel shaped leaves.   In the summer, this wetland perennial produces  greenish- to pinkish-white flowers borne in dense umbels (clusters in which all the flower stalks arise from the same point) on separate stems. The seeds are pumpkin-shaped and 3-5 mm long. Rau ma does well in sunny damp places like wetland edges, roadside ditches, and soggy lawns.  It can grow on flooded sites, floating its leaves on the surface like a waterlily, but it thrives best where the soil is wet, but its leaves are dry.  If there is a period of no rain, rau ma might die out, but it will reappear when the rain does. 
                   Thanh Nguyen's Homegarden

                  Thanh Nguyen's Homegarden

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    Rau ma is one of Thanh's favorite plants in his garden because "it is so good for your body."

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