Dr. Maricel Piniero
  Dr. Piniero was born in San Pablo City, Philippines.  She finished her Bachelors of Science degree in Human Ecology at the University of the Philippines.  She then worked for five years at the International Potato Center regional office in the Philippines documenting indigenous knowledge and traditional farming practices. She also researched the conservation and enhancement of biodiversity through homegardens.  Dr. Piniero came to the United States in 1995 and earned her PhD in Ecological and Environmental Anthropology at the University of Georgia in May 2002.  Her PhD dissertation focused on the impact of development on women and their environmental behavior in two Ecuadorian villages.  She has been working at the Ethnoecology and Biodiveristy Lab since she began her graduate program in 1995.  Dr. Piniero is also currently working as an Educational Program Specialist in the Human Subjects Office where her responsibilities include organizing conferences and developing on-line training materials for students and faculty who will be involved in research and development projects. 


       Dr. Piniero conducting an interview with  Nghia Tran

           Dr. Piniero interviewing  Thanh Nguyen

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