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    The Ethnoecology and Biodiversity Lab is located in 105A Baldwin Hall.  Led by Dr. Virginia Nazarea, the Ethnoecology/Biodiversity lab has been in operation since the summer of 1994.  It is designed for the study of local knowledge regarding the environment and maintains facilities for the storage and classification of seed and herbarium collections.  A long-term goal of the laboratory is to provide a record of local people's knowledge and utilization of their environments.  Another important goal of the lab is to strengthen the links between germplasm (living tissue from which new plants can be grown) and knowledge conservation, both in situ and ex situ.  Besides the Vietnamese germplasm project, the lab has also been home to the Southern Seed Legacy Project since the fall of 1996.  Originally funded by USDA , the SSLP continues to forge connections between existing groups, unaffiliated seedsavers, and heirloom enthusiasts in the American South to build a pan regional network with an emphasis on in situ conservation of folk varieties.  The SSLP also recently released the 2003 Resource Directory, currently available for purchase at the UGA bookstore.  The Resource Directory is a valuable source of information for seedsavers, botanical gardens, farmers markets, and museums.  The information this project has gathered has been disseminated through their Seedlink newsletter, seed fairs, display gardens, their "memory web" page, and seed heritage teaching packets for schools.      

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