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This web site is divided into several layers of access. You can browse through it in the manner listed below or view information based on the varieties of sweet potato described in the Memory Banking survey. To find out more information about this project, please see the pages in the Overview section.

 This site has restricted access to some areas. In order to view these areas for research purposes, please register with us and we will email you with the password. Thank You.

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A note on navigating through this site
Overview (access is allowed to all interested parties)
Research Proposal, Cultural and Genetic Preservation, Proctocols, Photo Gallery
Tests and Drawings (access is allowed to researchers and educators -- registration required)
Sorting and Ranking, Triads Test, Local (Cognitive) Drawings, Scientific Drawings
Indigenous Knowledge (access is allowed to collaborating farmers in different sites, SANREM CRSP and collaborating scientists -- registration required)
Local Evaluations, Technology, Agricultural calendars
Life Histories (access is allowed only with permission from local farmers -- registration required)
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