Research Areas

    Given its mission and goal, the Ethnoecology and Biodiversity Lab focuses on research on perception, coginition, and decision-making that have potential applied/development impact.  Research projects include:

- memory banking of local knowldge and technologies pertaiing to traditional varieties of food crops.

-cognitive mapping by poeple belonging to different ethnic, age, class, and gender groups of environmental features around a
watershed area.

-culturally relevant indicators of sustainability as elicited through thematic apperception tests (TATs) and life histories.

-informal seed exchange networks of heirloom varietiesand cultural alternatives in in situ germplasm conservation.

-document life histories, agricultural knowledge, and gardening practices of Vietnamese
immigrants and refugees in the United States, starting with those in Georgia and the Southeast
    Work on ethnoecology- and biodiversity-related projects is either underway or under negotiation in Southeast Asia, Latin America, and the Southeastern region of the United States.