Ethnoecology and Biodiversity Team

            Juana Camacho
     Juana Camacho was born in Colombia and received her BA in Anthropology and Comparative Religion from Hunter College in New York.  She later received her Masters in Sustainable Development of Agrarian Systems at the Universidad Javeriana-CIPAV-IMCA in Colombia.  Juana is currently a second year student in the Ph.D. Program in Environmental Anthropology at UGA.  She has worked at the Instituto Colombiano de Antropologia and with environmental NGOS (non-governemental organizations) and local and ethnic organizations on environmental conservation research and applied projects.  As a researcher she has focused on traditional environmental knowledge and natural resource use among Afrocolombian coastal communities in the Choco tropical rainforest, Colombia.  This research has placed an emphasis on women and garden management practices.  She is interested in the anthropology of food, ethnoecology, gender, ethnicity, place, and resistance.  Listed below are two of Juana's most recent publications:

“Silencios elocuentes, voces emergentes: Resena bibliográfica de los estudios sobre la mujer afrocolombiana.” 2001. In M. Pardo (ed.) Estado del Arte de los Estudios Afrocolombianos en Colombia. Icanh. (Forthcoming).

“Mujeres, zoteas y hormigas arrieras: Prácticas de manejo de flora en huertos de la costa chocoana.” 2000. In J.E. Arroyo and J. Camacho (ed.) Zoteas: Diversidad y relaciones culturales en el Chocó Biogeográfico Colombiano. IIAP-Fundación Natura-Swissaid. Medellin: Intempo.