Informants, Triads Test

In the following test, informants were asked which of the three varieties is different from the other two and why. In each page, the three varieties are listed folowed by the Singled Out and reasons for it.
Pio AbadinazMagna Asilan
Ulpiano AmoncioFrancisca Bactol
Melencio AvergonzadoDominga Balaon
Matias BentingEmeliano Cuno
Teodoro BinanlaoFelix Data
Erlinda CajilesGlory Dobleano
Lydia vda. de CaserasElena Gayunan
Marcosa FuentesAmecito Humunlay
Concordia GerongSixto Mahayao
Aurilla MaglupayVillamin Mal-eng
Conchita RecisioBetty Mamatan
Rosita Tamayon

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